Delgado Storage Company, LLC

Delgado Storage Company, LLC

Private and public oil companies, refiners, petrochemical firms, and traders of petroleum and chemical products are some of our clients. Our company has a strong focus on customer satisfaction. Our lab is committed to ensuring the caliber of the products.

The Delgado Storage Company, LLC program has a minimum of 150 companies spread across 32 tank farm facilities around the world. As a provider of quality products and a leader in laboratory test results, our laboratory also has the world's largest data base of its kind. Our clients benefit from our global network of fuel experts and laboratories, which ensures prompt and dependable fuel management services across all time zones, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Our laboratory Fuel Quality Testing provides operators and customers with the peace of mind that the delivered petroleum products meet standard quality standards before use. This service also aids in the management of the risk of potential machinery damage, the resulting threat to the safety of tankers and vessels in which these products will be delivered, the crew and cargo, and ensuring that the petroleum complies with global and regional environmental legislation.

Delgado Storage Company, LLC pioneered the concept of testing products in our tanks at a time when deteriorating product quality and rising fuel prices were causing major problems for consumers and ship operators. Because of increased secondary refining and blending activities, as well as potential contamination from sources within the supply chain, the quality of petroleum and petrochemical products has not improved and must be continuously monitored to ensure it meets specifications.

Additionally, increased use of low-sulfur fuels and distillates, which have some quality issues, has been mandated by stricter environmental regulations and the creation of more Emission Control Areas.

In accordance with the various fuel grade specifications, petroleum product grades can be tested against the internationally recognized ISO8217 fuel quality standard. This is a commercial standard that aids in the procurement and supply of fuels. We started providing this class of fuel testing services for petroleum products, and ISO8217 has been a continuously evolving standard that has undergone regular revisions to ensure that it keeps up with the requirements of the industry and the various fuel types that are constantly being developed.

Operational issues arise on a daily basis for ships. It could be a simple clogged filter or something more serious like a massive filter clog, centrifuge sludging, stuck or scuffed fuel pump, combustion issues, etc. If the fuel being used is contaminated, unstable, has poor cold flow properties, has poor ignition combustion properties, or has not been treated effectively onboard, even ships with good maintenance and household practices may encounter issues.

Such situations can result in significant costs, not just for off-hire but also for spare parts. In addition, it's important to think about the dangers and effects of losing power in busy areas. Delgado Storage Company has developed internal techniques based on a combination of cutting-edge technologies and practical experience over the years and has helped numerous customers with troubleshooting cases. We are able to identify unusual components and/or contaminants in the fuels using cutting-edge analysis techniques. In order to understand what has happened, we also analyze deposits and sludge as well as look at the broken engine parts.